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Artboard 2.png

What's in a mark? 

Dolby asked us to organize and curate an Art Series to transport their brand to new dimensions. In order to achieve this, we first had to delve into their history. At it's core Dolby is more than just a software company, but the means for creatives to bring their vision to life. After learning that their iconic logo is a representation of this process, we challenged each artist to let "input and output" serve as the inspiration for their artwork. Each piece was displayed adjacent to one another to further illustrate the collaborative nature of Dolby technology. 

The series is a collaboration with 22 international artists and design studios. Thanks so much to our designer and artist friends who all helped us make this happen: Can Buyukberber, Daniel Freytag, David McLeod, Experimental Jetset, Field, GMUNK, Gretel, Alexei Tylvich – Logan, ManvsMachine, Michael Paul Young, Motoi Shito, Informative, Eddie Opara – Pentagram, Reza Ali, Sara Andreasson, Sawdust, Skip Hursh, Supermundane, Territory, VolvoxLabs and The Young Never Sleep.

Designed at Mucho in San Francisco
Creative Director, Rob Duncan
Project Manager, Emily Flaxman
All artwork shown here was commissioned.


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